Saturday, October 16, 2010

6/2009 Pics of the Month

With school ending on June 23rd, 2 birthdays, baptism, triathlon, Father's Day and a trip to Utah, it was a busy month! The school classes sure packed in lots and lots of projects into June, blah! School projects are evil. :)
Hold on, there is going to be lots of pictures.

Kennedi getting some kind of doodad for her teeth 6/2

Carter wanted pumpkin pie for his Birthday. I told him that Pumpkin
Pie isn't really sold in June. He said, "Can't you make one?"
Oh ya, duh, I can make pumpkin pie. 6/5
My first field trip with Carter to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
School buses are NOISY! 6/8

Carter's class doing a musical presentation. He got to be one
of the storytellers. Cute. 6/12

My boys looking a little bit scary/dirty/rough after the
ward Father and Son Campout. 6/13

My Birthday candles were crazy. We would light them and the
wick would fall over and go out. No wishes for me! 6/17

Kennedi's Celebration of Learning. She is in a play here as the mother in
"The Worst Thanksgiving Ever" She loved using crutches in it. 6/17

Brayden portraying Steve Young for the 6th grade Decades Project. 6/17

Carter got to portray Benjamin Franklin in his class Biographies. 6/18

Annual Car Show in Highlands Ranch. We went to this to celebrate Father's Day
a few day early. 6/20
Cool little car. Cool little Ellie. 6/20

Father's Day Dinner. Steak. Yum. 6/21

We went to Utah to a little park pond by Grandma's and Grandpa's.
Tiny little fish, but fun for the kids to catch something! 6/29

Kennedi's little fishy.

Carter's little fish too!

Ellie was more interested in playing with all the worms.

Temple Square visit. 6/30

Oquirrh Temple Open House. It was beautiful. I loved the star shaped
chandeliers. I remembered going to the Jordan River Temple as a little girl
and was excited to have to the chance to take our kids to a Temple Open House. 6/30

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catching Up- Cliff Note Version June 2009

Whoa, I have a lot to catch up on. It all happened because 2 big events happened on the same day back in the summer of 2009. They were too important to just skip but then I never got back to really blogging. So this is my attempt to go back and run through the highlights of life and get back to updated blogging! Dang monkey on my back. I want him off already!
June 6, 2009

  • Carter's Baptism=more family around! Yippee!
  • My first (and only so far) Sprint Triathlon

I love that Carter got baptized the day after his birthday. What a great weekend. Things were busy but wonderful. We loved having Grandma Babbitt, Grandma & Grandpa Pugsley, Patrea, Chad and the kiddos, Todd, Kat and their kiddos here to be part of the fun.
The sweetest part of the whole baptism was after Carter was baptized and dressed and sitting back in the chair, he looked up to Taft and with a sweet look and voice said, "Dad, thank you for baptizing me." It just about melted my heart. It still does. He was grateful and it was so sweet to hear it from him.

It was also Abby Lovejoy's baptism day in our ward. I had to get a picture of them together in case they get married someday. She is a cutie.

Earlier that morning was my long awaited HRCA Tune Up Sprint Triathlon. It had been a long 6 months of training. I have never been a "real" swimmer, so I had to basically just jump in and learn how to properly swim. I don't know what I do is really the proper way to swim but I was actually putting my face in the water and breathing to the side. I was happy that I made myself grow and learn something new. I knew how to ride a bike but hadn't spent much time as an adult on a bike so I started going to spinning classes (seeing as it was winter during training) and getting stronger. Running was my thing I felt really comfortable in. I started running 3 miles regularly back in 2006 so I could feel confident in that at least! I pretty much trained by myself but was happy to know that Kat and other ladies from the ward were training too.

So in the early morning of the 6th after not much sleep (too nervous!), it was time to get this done! I was ready to actually get it over with so I could stop thinking about it. Ha! I managed to do it and it was great! I felt so happy to have accomplished it.

Self Portrait before the race

Getting Ready

At the beginning with the swim I didn't know if I was going to be able to finish. I was panicking and breathing so fast that when I put my face in the water I would suck in water. I felt like I was drowning and I had to basically doggie paddle to the side of the pool. I was freaked out. After all that training I was feeling like I might have to just stop. You can't doggie paddle 20 laps with 3 other people in the lane with you. I calmed myself at the side of the pool and strangers on the side were trying to calm me down too. I finally gained some composure and went for it. It took a couple of laps but I got to a point where I thought I could do it. I was never so happy and when I got to my last lap! I had practiced and had gotten my swim down to around 10 minutes and 30 seconds but during the tri I got 14:23. I was disappointed but just dang happy that I actually got to go and finish.

The biking portion was good and spread out. It was nice a nice 12 mile course after jamming us in the pool with lots of people. I was wasn't use to swimming with waves, but with all those bodies, trust me, there were waves. Anyway, the worst part of the biking was when I passed an old man (who wasn't even in the tri). He didn't know I was coming and all of the sudden he put up his finger to one side of his nose and blew out his snot on me. SICK! I was thinking, "ooh ooh, I just got snotted on!) I got over it and finished. The best part was being able to bike past our neighborhood and having Taft, Patrea, Chad, Brayden, Kennedi, Carter, Ellie, Jace, Callie and Rhett yelling and cheering me on. I loved it! My bike time was 52:45 and I was happy with that time since I was on a heavy mountain bike.

Waving at the fans (aka family)

Man oh man, did I ever have heavy legs when I got off the bike to go for the 5k run. But I wanted be strong. After a little tripping/shuffling I got my legs under control. It was fun to see other friends out on the course and encouraging each other and getting that extra energy from them. 27:07 time with 8:45 run pace was awesome.


Kristy, Erika, Dina, Kat, Me, Laurel, Keri

Love that Kat!

Total Time 1:37:25

What a great feeling! I am hoping to do another one next summer. And I hope to get that swim mastered!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Excerpts from Ellie's Prayer Tonight

"Please helps Mom's face to get better by not scaring people."

"Please help me not to punch Kennedi in the gut"

"Please help Brayden not to be mad at Mom sometime"

She keeps me smiling when I am not busy growling about her.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th really does bring bad luck...

and I have 45 stitches in my face to prove it!

Hard to explain, but I was trying to get yard work done and I got in a fight with my garbage can. Seriously. I have one of those huge garbage cans on wheels and I was pulling it with the lid open and it started to fall over and it brought me down with it and I banged my forehead and chin on it. So I split open my head and chin (both to the bone, gross). So basically really stupid and it is Friday the 13th's fault. It hurt quite a bit but they gave me some pain killers. It was such a dumb thing! I was bleeding so much that Taft had Brayden call 911 so I got to go on an ambulance to the hospital. Taft was really great about getting some stuff to try to stop the bleeding and taking care of me. I am so glad he was home! We could have driven to the hospital, but by the time it was more under control the paramedics (and the fire truck and two police cars, hello! Why do they send so many people, it is lame) were already there, so what do you do? I am okay. I just hope my face isn’t crazy looking for too long. Kennedi can barely stand to look at me.

Here are the scary pictures... Don't look carefully if you faint easily.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Do you have times that you wish you could appreciate your life more? That you could marvel at all the little things in your day to day happenings? That you could enjoy the work you have to do to keep your family going? Then do you think about praying to ask for help for more gratitude and appreciation in all the little miracles that you call life? But then do you stop and think about what the Lord could do to make you appreciate life more? That He could choose a life altering act that would CHANGE how you take time to look and to be grateful? I do. I then decide not to pray for gratitude and appreciation. I don't want sickness, death, unemployment, etc. How can I appreciate life more without all the hard trials? Is it even possible? I would like to know the secret.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In 9 short days my oldest will be 12. It makes me literally struggle for breath when I think about it. My eyes well up too.


It is all happening too fast.

I am growing up right there with him and have so much growing left to do. He will probably get there before I do.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goodbye School Year 2008-2009

School's Out, school's out! I am so glad the school year is over! Phew! So many projects and activities at the end of the year wore me out! Having 3 kids in Elementary School is crazy. The break isn't long enough. Kennedi and Carter will be back to school in 2 weeks for their new year.

First Day of School- July 2008

Last Day of School- June 22, 2009

The kids grew up a lot this year! Wow!

Carter- Beginning of 2nd grade

End of 2nd Grade
Carter had a good 2nd grad year with his teacher Mrs. Huston. He became a champ at getting right down to homework after school and taking charge. I am afraid that he got a little more busy at school this year though. :) He continued playing Flag Football and started Basketball this year.

Favorite Subject- Math
Best Friend- Dylan
Funnest thing you did or learned this year- Living Biographies (He studied and dressed up as Benjamin Franklin)
What you want to be when you grow up- Policeman
Favorite Food- Pizza
Favorite School Lunch- Pizza

Kennedi- Beginning of 3rd Grade

End of 3rd Grade

Kennedi grew up a lot this year with Miss Charlton. She got way more picky about her clothing (man we are in trouble when she is a teenager). She is still doing awesome in piano and now knows cursive. Great year!

Favorite Subject- Writing
Best Friend- Jayne
Funnest thing you did or learned this year- Multiplication Sundaes
What you want to be when you grow up- Newborn baby nurse
Favorite Food- Oriental Chicken
Favorite School Lunch- Orange Chicken

Brayden- Beginning of 6th Grade

End of 6th Grade

Wow, wow and wow. I can't believe this was his last year in Elementary School. Where did the time go? Mrs. McCullar was his favorite teacher ever and she was great to expect lots and make him grow. He finally figured out that his long hair wasn't the best look for him. :) It took a long time to figure that one out. He started tennis and loves it. He has grown up so much and I haven't grown up enough to have him start Middle School.

Favorite Subject- Math (He will be starting 2 grade levels ahead in Middle School)
Best Friend- Corey & Nick
Funnest thing you did or learned this year- Camp Cheley
What you want to be when you grow up- Pilot or professional sports player
Favorite Food- Crispy Chicken
Favorite School Lunch- Chicken filet sandwich

Here's hoping for another great school year!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being a Mom

Being a Mom on Mother's Day means you still get to clean up spilled milk. You still have to get ready for church. You still have to give Sharing Time at church. You still have to think about all the little things. But it also means you still get to feel your heart grow a little bit bigger. And you get to take a nap and not feel guilty. And you get to receive handmade bits of love. And you get to eat brownies. And you get to have french toast and sausage for breakfast. And you get to hear your child pray that they can make it a nice Mother's Day for you. Not too shabby.

You get to think about the wonderful Mom that you have. Oh how I love my Mom. Today I told the Primary kids that I want to be like my Mom when I grow up. And I do wish I was like her. I love that she loves me too. :)

You also get to think of your other Mom. And wish you were like her too. I am grateful to her for raising her son that would be my husband. And grateful that she loves me like her own.
Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Days of April

Dude! Where did April go? Here are some of the things that made April fly by.

We watched Conference in the comfort of our own home!
The kids watched all the sessions! How sweet.

We planted a garden.

We fed the missionaries and they fed us spiritually.

We met the Helm's and had a fabulous dinner!
(I wish we would have gotten a picture of the whole family!_

The kids played outside.

I went to Women's Conference for the first time.
I loved it.

Took the kids swimming. Nice goggles!

Went to the "dollar" movies.

Kennedi finished gymnastics...for now.

The fam went to Ellie's preschool art show.
It was fabulous!

Took ALL 4 kids to the dentist. No cavities! Yeehaw!

It snowed, and snowed and snowed more. But luckily
it melted just as fast!

Played and painted at Little Monkey Bizness.

Grandma came to visit!

Played with grandma and the cousins.

Dressed up for Easter.

The Hales came and we played and had fun.

Bonded with cousins at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Goodbye April, nice knowing you!