Saturday, October 16, 2010

6/2009 Pics of the Month

With school ending on June 23rd, 2 birthdays, baptism, triathlon, Father's Day and a trip to Utah, it was a busy month! The school classes sure packed in lots and lots of projects into June, blah! School projects are evil. :)
Hold on, there is going to be lots of pictures.

Kennedi getting some kind of doodad for her teeth 6/2

Carter wanted pumpkin pie for his Birthday. I told him that Pumpkin
Pie isn't really sold in June. He said, "Can't you make one?"
Oh ya, duh, I can make pumpkin pie. 6/5
My first field trip with Carter to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
School buses are NOISY! 6/8

Carter's class doing a musical presentation. He got to be one
of the storytellers. Cute. 6/12

My boys looking a little bit scary/dirty/rough after the
ward Father and Son Campout. 6/13

My Birthday candles were crazy. We would light them and the
wick would fall over and go out. No wishes for me! 6/17

Kennedi's Celebration of Learning. She is in a play here as the mother in
"The Worst Thanksgiving Ever" She loved using crutches in it. 6/17

Brayden portraying Steve Young for the 6th grade Decades Project. 6/17

Carter got to portray Benjamin Franklin in his class Biographies. 6/18

Annual Car Show in Highlands Ranch. We went to this to celebrate Father's Day
a few day early. 6/20
Cool little car. Cool little Ellie. 6/20

Father's Day Dinner. Steak. Yum. 6/21

We went to Utah to a little park pond by Grandma's and Grandpa's.
Tiny little fish, but fun for the kids to catch something! 6/29

Kennedi's little fishy.

Carter's little fish too!

Ellie was more interested in playing with all the worms.

Temple Square visit. 6/30

Oquirrh Temple Open House. It was beautiful. I loved the star shaped
chandeliers. I remembered going to the Jordan River Temple as a little girl
and was excited to have to the chance to take our kids to a Temple Open House. 6/30


About the Stevens said...

SO happy to see pictures again, I have missed seeing you guys. You all are looking so great. I miss you guys so much.

Marie said...

Sooo cute!

Crystal said...

Yeah you are alive!!! SO cute! I love your little family...we miss you!

MountainMan said...

glad you're back blogging, why do you get so many more comments than me! oh well... moors da pity...

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Realmente me gustan estas fotos, jaja.

Kiersten said...

Lovely photos :-)

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